Conversing with Nature

Learning the language of the Earth

Image courtesy Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Leaves dry up and crumble

Their parched voices

Blanketing terra firma

Silent in death as they’re swept away

Fruit and flower carry seeds

Searching for a crevice to take root

‘We belong’, they holler

As the terrain opens its arms in reply

Baby shoots murmur

A beginning from an ending

New seedlings emerge

Taking their place in the world

The soil sizzles with thanks

Water bringing nourishment

Strength to support life

Petrichor, its return gift

The linguistic proficiency of Spring

As flora and fauna tell us their tales

Reaching up for a handshake with Sunbeam

The firmament says ‘hello’ to its friends below

I stand between ground and sky

Eavesdropping on conversations

Present in the discussion

But still left out

Maybe they’ll teach me

The language of the Earth