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My writing spans the spectrum of fiction and non-fiction, from short stories, drabbles, interviews, essays and listicles, to poetry, creative non-fiction, and academic articles. Here’s a compilation of various pieces across sport, music, cinema, literature, animals, and a myriad other topics. This is an on-going feature — the compilation will be updated as new write-ups get published.

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My journey back to fitness after an accident

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August marks four years since the accident — a fall while trekking that resulted in nerve damage to the entire right leg, from hip to foot. It’s a bittersweet month for me; presenting both, a reminder of my life coming to a standstill, and also my slow and steady journey of picking up the pieces and taking tentative steps back to fitness.

As a marathon runner and Odissi dancer, activity has occupied a fair part of my life. Over the years, I’ve also trained in Muay Thai, Capoeira, Karate, and several styles…

Finding solace in a better place

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Today marks four years since my accident. It also marks the release of my fourth book. Four years ago I had a fall while trekking, which resulted in nerve damage that brought all my physical activities to a standstill. Unable to move anywhere on account of my right leg being paralyzed from hip to foot, I started a blog and began writing about the things I used to love and do. A way of living the things I loved, even if it meant only expressing them in words rather than action.

Prior to my…

Finding space within an ecosystem

Image courtesy Ignacio Correia from Unsplash

A lazy Sunday afternoon to catch up with some reading, took me to the balcony with my comfy chair, a paperback, and a cup of oolong tea. Nestled among the various potted plants of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs, I settled under the sunshine along with my chlorophyll buddies. Setting aside the bookmark and beginning to read, I noticed paws surreptitiously striding across as my cat decided to join us all lounging together.

As the white ball of fur navigated his way through myriad shades of green, pink, red and yellow, my attention was seized…

An introspection of work outside monetary terms

Image courtesy Unsplash by Samantha Gades

The term ‘work’ is almost always associated with one’s job or career; a way to earn money and maintain a standard of living. When people ask, “What do you do?” the answer that follows is inadvertently about one’s professional life. A closer inspection of the verb “to work” can be interpreted in myriad ways that are not financially bound.

For me, work has always been about working towards something — setting up goals, thinking up strategies, making plans, putting in the effort to overcome obstacles, and achieve what I set out to do…

When characters leap out of the book and onto the big screen.

Movie poster, courtesy Columbia Pictures

Some of my earliest memories involve being sprawled on the floor of a local bookstore, surrounded by books, flipping through blurbs and admiring the vividly painted covers, trying to recollect which books I already have, and neatly arranging a pile to take back home. The Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine stood proudly on my tiny bookstand as a young reader building her collection, and many books still grace my shelves several decades later.

When the movie Goosebumps released in 2015, I was curious about how the best-selling children’s book franchise of the same name would be re-created by filmmakers. Goosebumps

When a reader makes a case for pictures over words.

Image courtesy Felix Mooneeram on Unslpash

As someone who loves to read, there’s nothing I enjoy more than cozying up with a book and hearing firsthand what the author has to say. I always read the book first when I know a movie is coming out, and for films which released while I was too young for the books, I’ve been catching up on my reading over the years. I staunchly support literature and how movies can never do enough justice to the writer’s words. Nevertheless, there are times when movies adapted from books deserve all the accolades coming their way. …

Learning the language of the Earth

Image courtesy Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Leaves dry up and crumble

Their parched voices

Blanketing terra firma

Silent in death as they’re swept away

Fruit and flower carry seeds

Searching for a crevice to take root

‘We belong’, they holler

As the terrain opens its arms in reply

Baby shoots murmur

A beginning from an ending

New seedlings emerge

Taking their place in the world

The soil sizzles with thanks

Water bringing nourishment

Strength to support life

Petrichor, its return gift

The linguistic proficiency of Spring

As flora and fauna tell us their tales

Reaching up for a handshake with Sunbeam

The firmament says ‘hello’ to its friends below

I stand between ground and sky

Eavesdropping on conversations

Present in the discussion

But still left out

Maybe they’ll teach me

The language of the Earth

Education | Books

Decoding animal behavior through autism

Book cover from Goodreads

The Author

Dr. Temple Grandin is a prominent author and speaker, a professor of animal science, an activist and proponent of animal welfare, has an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning movie made on her life, has been featured on Time magazine and Forbes, with several appearances on other forms of media as well. She also didn’t talk until she was three and a half years old, was teased and bullied in school and college, has undergone immense speech therapy from her early years, and was told to be institutionalized for her autism. Her only solace was animals and science.

Today Dr…

When physical and mental endurance battle for your attention

Image courtesy Daniel Reche on Pexels

A sport that keeps you on your feet

With the road for company

Logging mile after mile

Covering distances

Following paces

Going places

Aiming for the finish line

Running shoes swapped for a pen

Pavement exchanged for paper

A blank page to write your story

Instead of run it

Let your mind take you places

Create characters to meet

In lieu of fellow athletes

Let their many traits

Replace the run routes

The end goal the same

To reach the final page

A marathon effort

Isn’t running like writing?

Focus and concentration, one word-step at a time

Isn’t writing like…

Renata Pavrey

Nutritionist by profession. Marathon runner and Odissi dancer by passion. Driven by sports, music, animals, plants, literature, movies and more.

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