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My writing spans the spectrum of fiction and non-fiction, from short stories, drabbles, interviews, essays and listicles, to poetry, creative non-fiction, and academic articles. Here’s a compilation of various pieces across sport, music, cinema, literature, animals, and a myriad other topics. This is an on-going feature — the compilation will be updated as new write-ups get published.

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When characters leap out of the book and onto the big screen.

Movie poster, courtesy Columbia Pictures

Some of my earliest memories involve being sprawled on the floor of a local bookstore, surrounded by books, flipping through blurbs and admiring the vividly painted covers, trying to recollect which books I already have, and neatly arranging a pile to take back home. The Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine stood proudly on my tiny bookstand as a young reader building her collection, and many books still grace my shelves several decades later.

When the movie Goosebumps released in 2015, I was curious about how the best-selling children’s book franchise of the same name would be re-created by filmmakers. Goosebumps

When a reader makes a case for pictures over words.

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As someone who loves to read, there’s nothing I enjoy more than cozying up with a book and hearing firsthand what the author has to say. I always read the book first when I know a movie is coming out, and for films which released while I was too young for the books, I’ve been catching up on my reading over the years. I staunchly support literature and how movies can never do enough justice to the writer’s words. Nevertheless, there are times when movies adapted from books deserve all the accolades coming their way. …

Learning the language of the Earth

Image courtesy Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Leaves dry up and crumble

Their parched voices

Blanketing terra firma

Silent in death as they’re swept away

Fruit and flower carry seeds

Searching for a crevice to take root

‘We belong’, they holler

As the terrain opens its arms in reply

Baby shoots murmur

A beginning from an ending

New seedlings emerge

Taking their place in the world

The soil sizzles with thanks

Water bringing nourishment

Strength to support life

Petrichor, its return gift

The linguistic proficiency of Spring

As flora and fauna tell us their tales

Reaching up for a handshake with Sunbeam

The firmament says ‘hello’ to its friends below

I stand between ground and sky

Eavesdropping on conversations

Present in the discussion

But still left out

Maybe they’ll teach me

The language of the Earth

Education | Books

Decoding animal behavior through autism

Book cover from Goodreads

The Author

Dr. Temple Grandin is a prominent author and speaker, a professor of animal science, an activist and proponent of animal welfare, has an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning movie made on her life, has been featured on Time magazine and Forbes, with several appearances on other forms of media as well. She also didn’t talk until she was three and a half years old, was teased and bullied in school and college, has undergone immense speech therapy from her early years, and was told to be institutionalized for her autism. Her only solace was animals and science.

Today Dr…

When physical and mental endurance battle for your attention

Image courtesy Daniel Reche on Pexels

A sport that keeps you on your feet

With the road for company

Logging mile after mile

Covering distances

Following paces

Going places

Aiming for the finish line

Running shoes swapped for a pen

Pavement exchanged for paper

A blank page to write your story

Instead of run it

Let your mind take you places

Create characters to meet

In lieu of fellow athletes

Let their many traits

Replace the run routes

The end goal the same

To reach the final page

A marathon effort

Isn’t running like writing?

Focus and concentration, one word-step at a time

Isn’t writing like…

Lessons for humans and aliens alike.

Movie poster of Aliens (1986) courtesy 20th Century Studios

I wasn’t born when Alien (1979) released. Ridley Scott’s masterpiece cut across barriers of genre and storytelling to become one of the most-watched and loved movies of all time, within horror and outside it. An atmospheric film with its languorous pace (not much happens until it actually does), featuring only seven human characters, one cat, and one alien, sharing space in an unchanging landscape. I have lost count of the number of times I ended up watching the original movie and its many sequels over the years.

I read Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of Dan O’Bannon’s screenplay and was struck…

The things we want, the things we get

Image courtesy Isabella Mariana on Unsplash

As we march into a new month
The greetings arrive
A celebration of womanhood
Couldn’t wait to tell us
about the love and respect
we command

It’s our day, our month
Our achievements
Our aspirations
Our inspiring stories
‘Celebrate the women in your life’
The media tells us

Signing up for the gym?
Women get a 50% discount this month
Fitness is so important in March, you know
It’s International Women’s Day
We have to take care of our women in March

Spa treatments, restaurant deals
T-shirts emblazoned with ‘girl power’
Masks to ‘smash patriarchy’
Pretty pink posters
Circulated images of roses
Forwarded photos of…


A visual poem in the wild

Photo courtesy Kartik Iyer — The photographer has given permission for the image above to accompany the text below

Face-to-face with a tiger

Awed by her beauty

and petrified by her ferocity

Displaying dagger-like canines,

A row of incisors,

Carnassial teeth working in unison

designed for slicing prey

Papillae on the tongue

to strip feather and fur alike

Oh, the fate that awaits!

Wait! Why are her eyes shut?

Shouldn’t that be me?

Maybe she isn’t raging,

but yawning instead

Preparing for a catnap

Oxygen flooding the brain

to keep alert while lounging

A time for rest and grooming

In preparation for the night hunt

A crinkled nose

Ears relaxed

Lost in her thoughts

Ferocious beast or a big…

…are Invisible

Movie poster courtesy Netflix

Can’t touch it, see it
But you can always feel it
The greatest things you’ll ever know
Are invisible

When a friend had recommended the movie Klaus last year, I didn’t expect too much while getting into it. Having just finished Jeff Guinn’s book, The Autobiography of Santa Claus, I pictured a retelling of Father Christmas in keeping with the festive season. Christmas - a time when bookstores, television, and cinema are filled with saccharine-sweet tales created to spread goodness and warmth.

In the Netflix animated feature film, a postman finds himself posted to a frozen town in…

Renata Pavrey

Nutritionist by profession. Marathon runner and Odissi dancer by passion. Driven by sports, music, animals, plants, literature, movies and more.

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